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Thermal Analysis Software

CALISTO is a new software developed for Thermal Analysis applications from DSC, TGA and Calorimetry.CALISTO comprises two independent parts:- CALISTO ACQUISITION is dedicated for the control of SETARAM Thermal Analysis Systems- CALISTO PROCESSING is designed for the treatment of any Thermal Analysis Data independent of instrument type and manufacturer.The CALISTO Acquisition software :- Program acquisition procedures (all experimental conditions and parameters)- Control one or more Setaram systems via a PC- Save experiment signals and monitor their progress in real time- Change experimental conditions during an experiment- Trigger acquisition of other equipment (mass spectrometers, FTIR,…)CALISTO Acquisition software is available for the exciting NEW range of EVO products and is also compatible with existing SETARAM products.CALISTO Acquisition provides a unique combination of ease-of-use and intuitive operationas well as powerful control of your Setaram systems.


Minimum Configuration For Calisto Acquisition and Calisto Processing:
Microsoft Windows XP or higher
Intel Pentium 2 CPU 1.00 Ghz
128 Mb of RAM
Recommended configuration for Calisto Processing :
Microsoft Windows XP or higher
Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00 Ghz
1.00 Gb of RAM
Mathematical features include:
– Heat capacity determination
– Peak separation
– Inverse filtering
– Glass transition
– Regression analysis – data fitting
– Customize equation
– Advanced baseline construction
– Solid fat index function
– Reaction progress from DSC
– Baseline subtraction
– Normalized subtraction
– Integral
– TMA (alpha point, true alpha, average alpha
– Temperature correction
– Mass variation
– Tare
– Derivative (with various filter types)
– Smoothing (Gaussian and Savitzky & Golay)
– Cut curve into sections or segments
– Slope correction
– Natural logarithm
– Drag point
– Data spike removal, etc


Powerful Baseline Calculations: CALISTO offers the latest technology in baseline calculation to allow for the correct integration of signals and therefore precise evaluation of the thermal event.
Data Presentation: CALISTO offers the very latest in graphical data presentation including shading, logo insertion and of course multiple plot displays.
Peak Deconvolution / Separation: CALISTO allows for the separation of overlapping peaks and shoulders for optimal calculations and data presentations.
Direct Export of Curves in Word: charts are automatically resized for optimum resolution, export and print reproduction.
Hassle Free Cp Calculations: a powerful Cp determination that completes the calculation in only a few clicks.
Data Integrity: CALISTO offers all the data security of CFR 21.11 with multiple levels and user accessibility.





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