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With 30 years experience, the SETARAM Application Laboratory has a huge knowledge for nearly all thermal analysis issues. We dedicate ourselves to inspire the imagination of the Scientists, whether they are in materials science, in energy and environment, in life science, in process safety. Customers of our laboratory services come from public and private laboratories, in R/D and quality control.

Setaram training can be done in your laboratory, or in Setaram application laboratory in France Caluire, or in USA Hillsborough NJ, or on line for Calisto software training.

We offer three different types of training programs, all designed to enhance and improve your understanding, confidence and ability with up-to-date  characterization data.

   Techniques and Methodology

Designed for newcomers to a technique, the functionality of the instrument studied in the course is described in detail so that the trainee understands all the functions and can hence make optimal use of it.

The precautions for use are described, as appropriate for the device or accessories used (crucible, cell, atmosphere, etc) together with detailed instruction the different software required. One or more experiments are performed in the different configurations of the instrument, under the supervision of the instructor together with routine and corrective maintenance.

   Experimental Design

Focused on a particular instrument or application area, we help the more experienced user to optimize and design experimental conditions so as to enhance and improve data quality and therefore improve your overall understanding of the effects under study.

These are intensive, hands on courses that involve detailed experimentation and data interpretation.

   Customized Sessions Content

The customised sessions duration and contents are designed in hand with you.

These are to help you to address required experience in instrumentation, software or applications.

SETARAM is accredited as a training organization

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