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高機能モジュラータイプDTA &DTA/ DSC同時熱分析装置 (室温 / 2400°C)

SETSYS Evolution is the standard for high performance TGA, TG-DSC and TG-DTA application.  It is based on a complete modular thermal analysis platform for
– Simultaneous TGA/DTA and TGA/DSC
Dilatometry / TMA
The key to the SETSYS TGA-DTA / DSC is Setaram’s unique symmetrical balance, a highly robust and flexible furnace conï¬?guration offering unique performance and the lowest operational costs of any system available.  The SETSYS can be conï¬?gured to operate up to 2400°C and also use controlled humidity, vacuum and highly aggressive atmospheres.

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SETSYS Vapor Sorption 

A new SETSYS Evolution TGA or STA version is available for studying the sorption behavior of materials with vapors (including volatile organic compounds). This allows for sorption isotherm or sorption kinetics experiments. Find out more by downloading TN707 from our application documents library at

Quenching / Fast heating
This option allows the sample to be inserted in, or removed from, the hot zone of the furnace during a measurement. The insertion and removal is programmed from the Calisto software.

Oxygen Trap
A gas purification system is available to remove trace oxygen from the inert / carrier gas flow. It is based on a zirconium foil placed in a slot in the hot part of the anti-convection tube above the sample.

Oxygen Partial pressure
This option allows for the measurement and control of oxygen partial pressure of the gas flowing above the sample. This is especially interesting when studying the phase diagrams of ceramics. An oxygen partial pressure controller is placed upstream of the test gas inlet. A specific flange equipped with an oxygen probe is connected at the furnace outlet.

Protected thermocouple
An alumina sleeved protected thermocouple was designed to prevent corrosion/damage from the gases evolved from the sample. It is available with or without the above mentioned oxygen probe. Various thermocouples types are available up to 1750°C.

Hook for disc shaped samples
Platinum based hooks which allow hanging of disc-shaped samples to the balance are available. Sample diameters vary between 10 and 16mm.

New ceramic crucibles
Yttria and Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) crucibles for TG-DSC and TG-DTA versions, with optional covers are available. The crucible’s volume is 100 µL, diameter 5mm and height 8mm.

天秤 35g-100g
モジュール測定温度範囲(C°) 室温~2400 室温~1600 室温~2400 室温~2400
るつぼ容量(µl) 30/100 80/100 50/3000 n/a
最大試料寸法 (mm) n/a n/a L:20 Ø 14 L:20 Ø 10
感度 0.4 µW 1 µW 0.002 µg / 0.02 µg 0.2 nm
RMSノイズ 20 µW 20 µW 0.03 µg/0.3 µg 5 nm
単位当りRMSノイズ 0.20 µW/µl 0.20 µW/µl 0.02 µg/0.2 µg/ml 0.25.10-6
測定範囲 n/a n/a ±200 mg / ±2 g ±2 mm

The SETSYS Evolution comes equipped with a robust and high performance graphite furnace, offering high scanning rates ( up to 100 °C/min across the entire temperature range) and fast turn around between experiments.
A SINGLE furnace covers all applications from ambient to 2400 °C . The maximum temperature operation is adjusted by simply and rapidly changing the control thermocouple (for 1000, 16000, 1750 or 2400 °C).
SETSYS Evolution provides also primary and secondary vacuum capabilities.

A high-performance gas control panel equipped with MFC (Mass Flow Controllers) ensures a precise control of the atmosphere and of the gas mixtures.
Many possibilities are offered for the control of the atmosphere.
Standard SETSYS Evolution configuration allow for any type of gas up to 1750 °C. Above 1750 °C, the furnace remains the same  and a few accessories are replaced to allow operation up to 2400 °C.
Gas include H2, CO2, NH3 up to 100% concentration. Optional accessories are available for:
– ensuring hydrogen safety
– working under corrosive gas (allows evaluation of materials under 100% corrosive gas) – see the technical note TN679
– working under fluorine
– working under humidity – see the humid gas generator WETSYS (generates a humid carrier gas up to 90% RH at 70°C,  can be used up to 1750°C, gases include Air, He, N2, CO2…, can program complex humidity profiles)

Symmetrical Balance
The symmetrical and hang-down balance of the SETSYS Evolution has been designed specifically and only for TGA applications.  Key features include:
• ability to measure range of sample mass (mg to 35 g)
• ability to detect small mass changes over long periods of times
• high sensitivity
• market leading baseline stability against both time and temperature

Electronics & software
SETSYS Evolution comes equipped with CALISTO, the most powerful, user friendly software on the market.


SETSYS Evolution is designed for the most demanding atmospheres and long term isotherms. Its applications include studies on oxidation / corrosion of metals and alloys, reaction between a material and a gas, isothermal stability of materials under particular atmospheres, phase transitions of metals, etc…



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